About Parviz Dov

Parviz Dov is a videographer, creator, who networked his way to working with some of the biggest creators on YouTube. These creators include Casey Neistat, Sara Dietschy, Dan Mace, Justin Odisho and more… 

1. Speak in Simple Language

Parviz specializes in a video style called “timelapse” and “hyperlapse.” Essentially, this is a video style where a sequence of photos are stitched together over a period of time to make it look like a moving video. Parviz shared: When working with Casey Neistat, he asked Parviz to explain to his vlog what a hyperlapse was in 3 seconds, using only simple words. This 3-second simplicity was very important to Casey because his audience is so big and broad then he needs to make sure everyone can understand what is going on…or else they may not continue watching.

This is an important take away for anyone trying to grow an audience. Whether is makeup tutorials or how to fix your car brakes — if the audience can’t understand, they will leave.

2. Instagram DM’s (…it goes down)

Parviz shared that he has gotten many opportunities through Instagram. For instance, when he was an up-and-coming creator, he would DM (direct message) so many people on Instagram in order to build relationships. Over time, this helped him become a part of the community and eventually grow his network to where it is today. It’s fascinating because now he is getting DM’d constantly by up-and-coming creators who want to collaborate, build relationships and do everything he was doing when he started. It all came full circle.

I personally find Instagram DM’s are absolute magic. Jacob and I made all our connections for this whole New York trip by using Instagram DM’s. I also believe this will go away as the feature becomes overused for the wrong reasons and influential people begin to tune them out — the same way emails had a 98% open rate when it was initially created and today you are a hero if you can hit 30%. Take advantage now.

3. Recycling Content

This was an interesting one, I had never considered recycling old content but Parviz swears by it. Parviz believes about 1–1.5 years after the initial post, recycling a content piece and posting it again is highly effective. He has done this, and he says that people either don’t realize it is recycled or they don’t care its recycled. People want good content, period. If you are proud of the work, post it again. Your audience changes so much over time, why should your hard work only get one shot at light? Recycle that work!

4. Vlogging in Public

Jacob asked Parviz about how he feels about vlogging in public and how he became comfortable with it. What Parviz said really stuck with me… he said big YouTube creators have the mentality that “there is nobody in the street except for them.” Parviz believes that this isn’t something that came natural to these creators, yet it’s a built-up skill that they’ve mastered over time. In the beginning, it’s weird, it’s awkward, you try and hide the camera as fast as possible; but over time, it becomes second nature and you truly feel one with the camera, even in the busy streets of NYC.

5. Inspiration vs. Desperation

Before we hit record, Parviz touched on the idea that there is only two ways to become driven in life. You must be inspired, or you must be desperate. Parviz shared his story of desperation. This got me thinking, what was mine? I think I’m inspired by the potential the internet provides. It allows anyone to have the opportunity to take their life into their own hands. I think back to times before I was born, when you came home from your job and that was it. There was no way you could work on your side hustle. Thinking about this put things into perspective to the point where I appreciate the opportunity modern technology presents and I struggle finding the audacity to take it for granted