Work with world's top influencers.

Many of you who are reading this blog post are probably looking for a fast way to reach a milestone you have imagined. One in particular would be working with your favorite influencers on the internet. If you are a hopeless dreamer keep reading this blog. If you are desperately trying to make it in the social media world, you need to strategize how you will reach your milestones from the beginning. It was 2016 in December, my fourth year in college trying to finish off my semester with a good grade and drop college and pursue what I felt more important to me than a degree. I was obsessed with YouTubers and influencers because part of the reason was I grew up around the YouTube era and wanted to be one. 2016 was not the best year for me but it made me realize that if I don't chase my dreams when will I? You really need to lose something in life to gain a clear vision for what you want. So right after I dropped out I moved out from my parents house to fully devote my dreams and work towards them. When you first try to go for an endeavor in life many people will doubt you and try to put you down in life including your family members. It's part of human nature because your parents don't want you to go through failures and go the safe way. Go to college and eventually end up in 9-5 office job. So i decided to  live on my own and hear only my voice navigating me in life. It's really important to listen to your gut. I worked part time as a yellow cab driver and on my free days I learned the adobe programs ( after effects, premiere, lightroom and photoshop). I also spent time listening to podcasts of Gary Vee and many social media entrepreneurs. I learned that if I want to work with these top influencers i need to bring something on the table (my skills) Since Ii had developed my skills on editing for couple of months now I knew exactly how to edit and tell stories. So I had to strategize and reach out to all the influencers i wanted to work with. The first influencer I worked with was Nas Daily who made one minute videos a day and now stands in 15 million followers on Facebook and eventually met Piano Around the World (Dotan Negrin) through Nas. I worked for dirt cheap and learned the skills these people offered. It was worth all of my time. Dotan and I have become good friends after all. Then eventually I started to network in all the parties Dotan had in his space in New York City. I've met so many celebrities there that I can't keep a count of. Two in particular Billie Eilish and Whoopiie Goldberg. They were impossible to reach and have a conversation and they were obviously out of my reach. So I connected with Sara Dietschy and the ball just kept rolling into more influencers like Dan Mace and Casey Neistat. Once I've built the reputation and worked with all the influencers I now get more offers and calls for jobs and collaborations with more influencers. This was all done in a two year period and was worth all the hustle than 4 years of college. So keep dreaming and keep hoping and everything is possible.